Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Update

So the other day I got the two super tiny speed controls that will power the wheel motors in the mail.

And just so you have an idea of how super tiny they are...

I've seen much smaller but these can handle a decent amount of amperes and a 3S lipo. Me likes.

I also received my explosives lipos today actually, speak of the devil.

So the two lipos on the left will be wired together in a 4S configuration to power the ducted fan, and the super awesome tiny 3S lipo on the right will power the drive motors.

Look at it! It's so awesome.

So now I must wait for the ducted fan/speed control, carbon fiber, and incredibly cheap receiver to arrive. Seriously...that thing is an absolute steal. I love Hobby King.

I have yet to even order the micro metal gearmotors and wheels because I have no money, but I will soon.

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