Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Lives!

Well this is exciting.

The Ponoko laser cut chassis has arrived! The final piece to this seemingly never-ending puzzle. It's really nice too. Once again, I definitely recommend laser cutting. Time to put stuff together!

This is so exciting. As a result of the excitement overload, from this point on I kinda didn't take any intermediate pictures. So here's the finished product with everything stuffed onto the chassis.

If you look carefully, you can see the gobs of epoxy holding the ducted fan in place. I just really did not want a brushless fan with 540 grams of thrust coming loose. And now for another view.

I call this one "OH MY GOD WIRES".

Oh umm...anyways, keeping things short and sweet, it works.

Ignore the shirt.

It's extremely loud, like you don't even know. It sounds like a jet engine. It also works on ceilings (although I don't have a picture at this very moment), and the ducted fan is only running at 50% throttle for both wall and ceiling use. It absolutely killed the batteries the first run, lasting for about two minutes total, but I don't even know if they were fully charged. It was just a quick test run to see if it worked. I'm pretty sure I can reduce the throttle to 40% or even 30%, and I'm really hoping to squeeze five minutes of run time out of it.

SO, coming soon to a blog near you (...this one), I'll have test results for battery life when I have the amount of throttle absolutely necessary from the fan tuned in, a video, and ramblings about my ideas for v2.0. I might even actually organize the wiring on this thing. I'll post again within the next few days for sure.

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  1. Hi Luke. I get excited in your suction vehicle and ... I'm going to build something like yours. My car will be able to carry a 1-2kg load. I got stuck at choosing an appropriate EDF. Since you are expert at these things, could you give me some tips. Also, it is much better if you could recommend which motors and wheels should be used. Thank in advance ^ ^