Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well I've been a little busy but I'm back, with the promised pictures of my balance project's pretty brass weight that this guy was making for me. I still don't have a video because the ESC/receiver decided to die just recently...I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it's done this before and then magically come back to life later, so maybe I'll get lucky again. But anyways...

It looks so much better than a big roll of lead tire weights, in my opinion. Especially when the backdrop is a toaster oven. It's much heavier too. 14.1oz vs. 8oz.

This is kind of neat too. Alex designed it so that I could epoxy a steel bolt into the carbon rod of the balance car and then screw different brass weights on if needed.

That's all the...presentable material I have for now. I'm working on designing a new and very improved suction car (I'm thinking I'll name it and a kind of weapon that I've been wanting to experiment with. You'll see.

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